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  Children are a gift to us all as they express their faith and questions with a delightful honesty and clarity. All of us can welcome and nurture the children in our parishes and the Network will offer resources, encouragement and inspiration as you seek to develop children’s ministry in the local parish context. The words of Jesus that I find inspiring are when he told the disciples when they tried to stop the children from coming to him, "to such belongs the Kingdom of God". Grace and peace.”

Chairperson, Children’s Ministry Network

  Children’s Ministry is an all important aspect within the life of the church. Not only are our children an important resource for the future, but they are also a vital and vibrant part of our church life today. I would encourage all efforts to engage them with the Gospel. Our Lord included them at the centre of his message, caring for them just as much as for the rest of his followers – his example should provide a clear template for how we should care for them today. I therefore commend the work of the Children’s Ministry Network as it seeks to support, train and resource all engaged in children’s ministry."

Archbishop of Armagh
Patron of the Sunday School Society