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Posted on Jun 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

#2challenge – No, After You!

Watch the video and then cut 4 strips of paper and retell the story using them like this:

41 Jesus Heals a paralyzed man ideas | jesus heals, paralyzed man, sunday school crafts

  • How did you find a whole afternoon of letting others go first?  Did you let them choose the biggest slice of cake, pizza or watermelon first?  Or did you let them take the first turn on the slide or swing?  Was it difficult or fun?  Sometimes serving others can feel great and other times it can feel really really hard.
  • Think of today’s Bible story.  When friends need help, how can we support them to meet with Jesus?
  • When we need help, are we able to accept the supports of our friends?
  • Often in order to show compassion, we also need to be able to receive compassion and help from others.