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Posted on Jun 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

#4challenge – blooming blessings

As you watch the video below about the woman at the well remember this:

  • Jesus already knew all about this woman’s mistakes and failures.
  • He knew she was full of shame and went to the well at the hottest time of the day to avoid meeting other people.
  • He knew she was a Samaritan and that he was a Jew and that as a rule, these two groups of people did not speak to each other.

He met with her anyway.  He spoke to her, he showed her he knew every detail of her life and still wanted to give her living water.  By giving her his time and his love, she bloomed and many more people came to know Jesus that day through her.

Is there someone your family can take time to notice and encourage today?

Use these ROOTS tear templates (or draw your own) and each member of the family decorate one side and write or draw what the person means to them on the tear.

Then connect all the tear together at the pointy end – you can use a two pringed pin or a needle and thread.  The tears connect together to become a beautiful blooming flower!

Give it to the person you love to show them you’re thinking of them and to show that God sees our tears, he is close to us in sadness and he turns our sorrow into joy.