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Posted on Jun 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

#5challenge Movie Maestro

Today’s challenge is about learning to serve one another and to not see ourselves as better than others.  It’s normally a story we read during Holy Week.  Jesus shocks his disciples by kneeling down and washing the dirt off their feet.  What an act of service and blessing!  We must be able to show compassion, but we must also be able to receive it.  When we humble ourselves to receive the compassion of God and of others in our lives, then our hearts are in the right place when we go about serving others.

Organise a movie night and take time to serve others.  Let someone else choose the movie.  Arrange the space so that people are really comfy.  Organise snacks and refills and even offer to do some gentle back or foot massages.  Then later, if someone wants to show you their servant heart, allow them and enjoy the experience!  This is the kind of community God desires.



You have completed the 5 compassion challenges.

Go in peace to love and serve a compassionate God, who never tires of showing compassion to us, rescuing us, noticing us, serving us, walking with us and living in us!