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Posted on Oct 13, 2017 in Crafts

Ideas for an Alternative Halloween experience with Children’s Ministry

Things can seem scary in the dark. Jesus is the Light of the World.  He brings his light into dark places and takes away our fear.


‘Not so scary Monsters’

For this craft activity you will need:

  • Non-toxic paint heavily watered down.
  • Plain paper
  • Straws – piercing these with a pin near the top should help prevent Little Sparks from drinking paint!
  • A medicine dropper is useful but not essential!
  • Felt tips
  • Googly eyes – you might like to add other collage materials such as pom-poms for a 3D effect.

What to do:

Drop small blobs of liquid paint onto your paper.  Little Sparks really enjoy using medicine droppers to do this and it certainly refines fine motor skills.  Now use the straws to blow the blobs of paint out in all directions.  Leave your blow paintings to dry.  Once dry stick on the googly eyes and draw in features using the felt-tips.

Suggestions for captions: ‘The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.’

Or ‘Perfect Love Casts out All Fear’

Or ‘Who can separate us from the Love of Jesus Christ?’


Fix Your Eyes Upon Jesus:

What you need:

Egg carton Paint – white, red, black and another bright color Paintbrush Wood dowel Glue gun




To make:

Cut a section of 3 egg cups out of the egg carton.

Paint 2 coats of white paint.  Set aside to dry between each coat.

Once the second coat is dry, it’s time to paint the eyeball features.  A bright color in the center, then a black pupil and red veins.

Set aside to dry.  Once dry, use a glue gun to attach the wood dowel to the side of the eye mask.

(If you opt to make eyes using 2 cups from the egg carton you could also tie with an elastic band or string.



May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord

You can make tissue box monsters and put words of encouragement and blessing inside for people to take when they are feeling sad or afraid. This can also be used to talk about the power of our words to build up or to tear down.