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Posted on Apr 5, 2019 in Prayers, Resources

Heart of Nails Good Friday Special

At our training for running an Easter Special, one of the most popular (and nosiest) stations was the heart of nails/cross of nails station.

We were provided with square blocks of wood, small nails, clothes pegs to hold them in place (to avoid banging fingers!) and hammers.  People were invited to hammer the shape of a cross or a heart with nails and then connect them by weaving them with wool.

Find the full instructions click here: Heart of Nails Good Friday Special 2018

God holds each and every one of us in his heart with unbreakable strands of love.  The message of the cross, although one of suffering, is one of love triumphing over death, and mercy triumphing over judgement.


You could source a larger piece of wood and have most of the nails hammered in but add the final two or three during an All Age Service and then invite people to weave their piece of wool into the heart to symbolise how God holds them in his heart.