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Posted on Sep 21, 2021 in Uncategorized

Letting Go Prayers – Open and Closed Hands

Wondering Exercise: Draw an outline of your fist.  Draw an outline of your open hand. (If it is more suitable, there is a fist and hand template below.)

What do you need to hold on to?

What do you need to let go


Write or draw your answers in and around your hand outlines.

Ask others what they think you should hold on to and let go of.

What is different in what they say?  What is the same?

Talk to God about trusting him and letting go of the things that are keeping you from him.

Talk to God about having open, empty hands that are full of possibilities when we put our trust in Him.

These wondering questions and time of listening to each other might be particularly appropriate for families accessing the service at home or Sunday Clubs, but there are possibilities for the prayer in a service.  People can simply make a fist and pray for the things they need to cleave to and then open their hands to pray for the things they need to let go of.

Find a template of a fist and a hand here: open hand and closed fist prayer