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Posted on May 6, 2020 in Programmes, Resources

Sunday 10th May Resources for Sunday Club Leaders and Families

CMN has collated a selection of resources for you to use this Sunday here BUT there are many more resources to explore on the websites and facebook pages of some of these amazing and gifted resource creators and collators SO if you like something, take a closer look at what else they may be producing or recommending.

REMEMBER we are showcasing a lot of ideas.  So many in fact, it makes our heads spin.  So it’s always a good idea to choose 1 or maybe 2 things to share with families or to do together as a family.

  1. Lynn Storey has alerted us to this podcast: and personally, as the parent of a 3 year old, this works really well for my family. It’s usually around 7 minutes long, we take out playdough or colouring and we spend time together.  It repeats the story 3 times.  Once to listen, once to wonder and once to talk to God.  It’s a really nice way to bring reading the Bible into the structure of our day in a relaxed, quiet way.


  1. Julie Currie from Down and Dromore has developed this AMAZING resource using the Diocesan Curriculum JIGSAW. Look at this one that really opens up the Lord’s Prayer to us JIGSAW Y1U9L1 The Lord’s prayer  And then check out the Down and Dromore Youtube channel that shows Julie signing Makaton for the Lord’s Prayer:  We couldn’t find a version in Lamh, which is the Irish Sign Language equivalent of Makaton, but we’ll keep looking.  Imagine if your whole church could sign this as they pray together?  What a blessing that would be to the people who use this language.


  1. Together@Home have their lectionary based resource for May 10th up on their Facebook page. The Activity Sheet on John 14: 1-14 about Jesus Comforting his Disciples is here: TatH – 10.05.2020 – Lectionary based Resource

They also have a series on Daniel which is really worth looking into so check out their facebook page.

  1. Roots on the Web are continuing to offer free resources for this time in Lockdown. Have a look at this Sunday’s worship which includes a simple liturgy for families to follow:  We’ve put the activity sheet here: 10-may-2020-childrens-sheet   but there is more on the website.