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Posted on Jun 10, 2020 in Resources

Sunday 14th June Children’s Ministry Resources

The Children’s Ministry Network has collated 3 sets of resources but also has 2 important Summer announcements!

Here are the Resources….

  1. ROOTS on the web are exploring Matthew 28:16 – 20  this week and the Activity Sheet is here:

And we LOVE this challenge from ROOTS that you can set after people have read the Bible reading:

“Jesus came to them all and said, ‘I have been given all power in heaven and on earth.* So go from here. Tell people about God. Make disciples all over the world.* Baptize people in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.* Share with them all that I have taught you and help them to obey my commandments. And remember, I will always be with you, until the very end of time.’*

Trios quiz 

Beforehand, write two parts of some famous trios on cards and place them around the room, e.g. snap, crackle and…; daddy bear, mummy bear and…; gold, frankincense and…; hear no evil, see no evil…; as easy as a, b…; the good, the bad and the…; bacon, lettuce and…; knife, fork and…; Athos, Porthos and…; Father, Son and…

Challenge pairs to write down the missing words to complete the trios as fast as possible.

There are also spinner templates for a Frisbee activity here:

Be sure to check out the website for these and much more:


  1. JIGSAW@Home: The theme from JIGSAW@home this week is Faith brings Joy. Just look at this AMAZING activity sheet that not only has Russian doll prayer and craft (one for younger children and another for older children) but also a link to an All Age Talk.  See here: JIGSAW@HOME All Age Family First sunday after Trinity Sunday


  1. Together@Home: Here is the excellent as always lectionary based resource for this coming Sunday: Together@Home June 14

But the gifted people at have many other resources including this 4 Week Family Bible Study Pack on the Book of Ruth: 4 week family Bible Study on the Book of Ruth


And here are the two Summer Announcements:


1. Online Holiday Bible Club: Forky’s Great Escape!  The talented people from Down and Dromore (our very own Julie Currie) have produced a Toy Story Bible Holiday Club which they are happy to share with every Diocese so Watch. This. Space.


2. The Children’s Ministry Network has compiled a Summer Kindness Bumper Edition Newsletter full to the brim with great ideas for you and your family to enjoy over the Summer….and the majority of ideas don’t need a printer!  Just some simple things you can do together, inviting God to be present too.