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Posted on May 20, 2020 in Resources

Sunday 24th May and Beyond!

We have collated some great resources for you this week for Sunday 24th but also for Ascension to Pentecost, for regular family prayer time, for Mental Health Week and for supporting children through bereavement.

Huge thanks goes to our Children’s Ministry Network and all the work they do in their respective dioceses.  Also our hats are off to all the amazing resource creators.  You are supporting countless families and churches at this time.

Lectionary Based Resources:


ROOTS: Here is this week’s activity sheet: 24-may-2020-childrens-sheet ROOTS

And the ROOTS colouring sheet is here: 24-may-2020-colouring-sheet ROOTS

Remember you can get more ideas for exploring prayer and Bible reading in a family based service on their website.  Just look at the story for this week:

Bible story

John 17.1-11: Jesus talks to the Father about being glorified and prays for his followers.

Three responses

Teach everyone actions to respond to the following words:

Father/God/Jesus – give a round of applause
Glory/glorify/glorified – whoop and cheer
You – point at the sky in triumph.

Then read the passage and ask the children to use the actions at the right moments.

Jesus looked up to heaven and prayed: ‘Father, the hour has come. Now is the time for me to be glorified. You have given me power over everyone. I will give eternal life to all those you have given to me. They will know you as the one true God and they will know me as Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

‘I have brought glory to you in the way I have lived my life on earth. But now I have finished the work you gave me to do. And so, Father, the time is right for you to glorify me in heaven.

‘I have told the people that you sent me and that you are God. They believe in you and have been faithful to you. They know that the things I have taught them come from you, and that everything I have comes from you.

‘I am not asking for the world’s sake, but for the sake of those who belong to me. And all those who belong to me are yours. Now I am no longer in the world, but they are still in the world. I am leaving them to come to you. So I ask you, Holy Father, to protect them in your name, so that they may be as one, just as you and I are one.’


to glorify: to praise or honour greatly
eternal life: fullness of life in God’s presence, both now and after death.


Together@Home: The worksheet has family activities and prayers as well as activities for children of different ages.  We particularly love ‘The Minute Game’ as a fun way to see how everyone experiences the passing of time: TatH – 24.05.2020 – Lectionary based Resource

They also have more scavenger hunt prayer ideas which have been going down a treat with families everywhere so check out their website and facebook page


Julie from Down & Dromore Diocese alerted us to these gems:

Hannah Prays: These are 2-3 minute Youtube Videos to encourage the family to pray together in really simple yet creative ways.  This one is with sticky plasters!


And here is the lovely Julie herself doing an All Age Talk about the Lord’s Prayer.  Wouldn’t it be great to take 15 minutes to explore the Lord’s Prayer and then do the JIGSAW activity sheets here: JIGSAW Y1U9L1 The Lord’s prayer


In our upcoming Summer Newsletter we’ll be focusing a lot on Kindness, which is also the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week.  It is so important to be extra kind to yourself and everything you are feeling at this time.  Again Julie alerted us to this fantastic BBC Bitesize resource – a 7 day Kindness Challenge



In relation to dealing with loss and bereavement at this time 3 useful resources are: has a Youtube video from a child’s perspective about someone they love dying.  It is excellent:

Here is a resource for telling children about the death of a loved one:

And Together@Home have a wonderful resource focusing on supporting children to say goodbye to a loved one who has died: saying goodbye TatH


This week  Thy Kingdom Come series starts on  Ascension (21 May) and finishing  on Pentecost (31 May) a great opportunity to get families involved in praying  ‘thy kingdom come’.


Thy Kingdom Come

Let’s go on a Prayer Adventure together  Attached is Digital family Prayer Map to use each day – 11 days in total. The map can be printed off and put somewhere (on the fridge is always good!) as a reminder each day. The map can be used in three different ways. Choose what will work best for your family:

  1.    As a stand alone prayer resource
  2. Use is as part of an Augmented Reality experience by downloading the free App on your phone or tablet. Should you wish to download the APP use the link below and scroll down for the details. It looks like fun and a simple way for children to spend a few minutes praying. Attached are helpful instructions for using the APP also.
  3. Use with 11 daily short podcasts – here’s the link- scroll down to the Podcasts which you play through SoundCloud or web browser.