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Posted on Sep 21, 2021 in Uncategorized

Wonder Slideshow for Advent Service

Access the Wonder Powerpoint Here

Invite people to think about a time when something took their breath away.  Maybe a view, or a happy moment with someone they love, or a piece of music? Invite them to bring the image to their minds.  How did it make them feel? What about it made them feel this way?  Many things in life are filled with wonder because they are made by a God of wonder and his fingerprints are all over his creation.  We need wonder in our lives.  We need the unexpected surprise of beauty and awe.

Harold Davis | Water Drops | Page 6

Feel free to choose these or other pictures for your slideshow based on the emphasis you wish to bring.  The feather is used in the service again so it may be useful to use here.  You may want to use background music, to narrate, or to invite people to chat with each other about what instills wonder in them.